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utlope_stjerne's Journal

5 May 1987
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[[I'm a girl scout. I love the outdoors. I like camping. I dance. I love cartoons. I don't play sports. I love to sing. My friends are my world. I love animals. I'm crafty. I like makeup. My favorite color is pink. I have a lot of jewelry. I collect socks and underwear. I want to be a DJ. I listen to a lot of different genres. Music is life. I like watching movies. Books are fun too. I'm recreational. I'm Sarcastic. You'll love me. You'll hate me. You probably think I'm pretty weird already. People call me cute. I'm short. I'm blond. I'm not dumb. I like swimming in lakes. Naked. In the moonlight. I cause mass chaos. I don't sleep much. I love laying in bed. I'm a new age hippy. I'm responsible. Reliable. Reluctant. I believe in myself.]]

[Dandylyon] [Elizabeth]

animals, art, arts n crafts, astronomy, being angry, being easily amused, being sleazy, bi walls, biting people, blonde hair, boobies, books, bowling, boys, bullshitting in class, bus, camp, camp river ranch, candy, chai tea, cheese, cheesy movies, children's television, chocolate, coffee, coffeeeee!, colours and shapes, computers, dancing, dating, drawing, dreaming, fairy tales, falling stars, fearies, feminism, fire, five finger contract, flippy hair, flowers, flying kites, friends, fun, fuzzy little animals, gay and lesbian studies, gender studies, getting attention, girl scout cookies, girl scouts, girly sleepovers, glitter, glowsticks, going barefoot, having fun, honesty, hoodies, horseback riding, hot chocolate, imaginary people, imagination, internet, johnny depp fawning, journals, jumping in puddles, kilts, kisses, knock-knock jokes, laughing, lemonade, life, living in my head, looking ridiculous, love songs, magic, maglights, making music, making people happy, mountains, movies, music, nature, nerds, nick-names, night life, nights, not knowing things, novels, paradoxes, phantom of the opera, photography, picking wild berries, pirates, pirates of the carribean, playing outside, plur, poetry, potatoes, powerpuff girls, purple things, rain, ranting, reading, relaxing, road trips, rolling down hills, romance stories, sand, scars, scrawling with sharpies, senseless acts of beauty, shiny things, short stories, singing, singing camp songs, singing loudly, sleep, sleeping, socks, stars, stealing other people's interests, stuffed animals, table dancing, tea, the ocean, the universe, toe socks, trees, typewriters, understanding people, vegetarianism, velvet, viking ballerinas, wearing strange clothing, whining, wind, writing, yelling, you, your mom jokes, zoo