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I got a Tv. I love it. So much.
Anybody have any good suggestions on a good inexpensive tv? Looking for a flat screen, 20" or less, under $200

BECU School Supply Drive @ Northgate Mall

BECU School Supply Drive
July 15th - September 14th
Northgate Mall Seattle Washington
Drop off your donations at Guest Services!

Join BECU in donating school supplies to local kids who can use some help! Your donations will be given to Communities in Schools who will distribute to kids at your local schools.

School Supplies needed:
-3 Ring binders
-Composition Notebooks
-Pocket Dictionary/Thesaurus
-Pencil Sharpeners/erasers/gluesticks
-Computer Paper
-Pencil boxes/pouches
-Anything else you yourself would use for school!
I'm bored. It's too hot. Today is not going well so far.



It's at the mall but OMG MONEY!!!!

Cross your fingers that I get this! And then maybe I will get the other job I really want and I can have 2 jobs and bring in all sorts of money and and and and and OMG yes!

May. 20th, 2009

I got a long board, and it is sexy. I just need to get my balance to an acceptable level and be comfortable on hills and all that. SOO stoked.

Hopefully I can find somebody to help me learn...

And of Course

I get sick a WEEK before my birthday. Like really. AND the same day the swine flu is supposedly in Seattle. Wow. Love life.